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Girlistic Magazine Summer Issue March 23, 2007

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Our Summer issue of Girlistic Magazine is open for submissions.

We’re currently looking for articles, interviews, profiles, etc for the issue. The theme is Feminism & Marriage.

Some of the topics we already have covered are name changes, gender roles within marriage, tradition-breaking wedding ceremonies, and legal issues with marriage and partnerships.

Other ideas are very welcome!

If you’re interested in submitting, please check out our submission guidelines.

If you have any questions after reviewing them, please feel free to contact us!

Thanks, and looking forward to hearing from you,

The Girlistic Team


Zine Review Newsletter March 8, 2007

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This is a Zine Review Newsletter.

Wikipedia defines zine as “an abbreviation of the word fanzine, and originating from the word magazine — is most commonly a small circulation, non-commercial publication of original or appropriated texts and images. More broadly, the term encompasses any self-published work of minority interest.”

Our goal is to review as many zines as possible, in a timely fashion.

You can read the reviews here for free, but we encourage you to join, as it’s the only way to gauge the audience we’re reaching. There will be nothing posted other than reviews by reviewers. The public cannot post messages nor see others’ email addresses. No spam will be tolerated.

We will review only regular mail publications; (no e-zines, or anything on the web.) We will network with others with similar goals, and will sometimes “share” reviews. We are seeking qualified reviewers to take on overseas publications and areas of special interest.

We make no guarantee of being fair or objective.

Zines go to:

Jack Cheiky
PO Box 609
Alief TX 77411

Inquiries go to


LOUDmouth Spring/Summer Issue March 6, 2007

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LOUDmouth magazine — a feminist magazine coming out
of Cal State LA — is seeking essays (critical and/or
personal), investigative reportage, research, poetry,
prose, experimental pieces, critical analysis,
fiction, photography,illustrations, artwork (including
cover artwork), funny math and more for our
Spring/Summer issue on
the theme of MOVEMENT.

Topics may include but are by no means limited to:
* Feminism as a movement. Tokenism. How do we really
measure progress? A woman president? A CEO that is a
woman? Is it beyond race, class and gender constructs?
Femme/Butch/Machismo/Papi: progress or labels?
* Ableism and/or the ability to move. Paralysis. Bike
Culture and privilege.
* Transience. Gentrification. Migration.
Transnationalism. Immigration and the various isms of
* Political and social movement. The history, the
documentation, and the contemporary ways in which we
access knowledge and empowerment. Which movements?
Whose movements? What matters to a movement? Is
movement dead? Are the movements of yesteryear
outdated? What if anything can be gained from the
nostalgia of movement?
* Dance. Intersections between movement of the body
and cultural politics. Feminism in dance/guerrila
dance troupes.
* Transportation and access to transportation.
* Freedom Rides, Immigration Rides, Otra Compana etc.
* The politics and privilege of travel. Does a global
movement exist? And what about globe-trotting
* The moving image: women behind and in front of the
camera. Experimental women filmmakers.
*The forces of nature, shifting icecaps and the people
that believe global warming doesn’t exist.
* Tracking movement and migration throughout the
world. Homeland Security.
*The movement for sustainable living and food source.
* Forced movement and migration (From Katrina to the
displacement of the Downtown homeless population in
Los Angeles)

Deadline for pitches: March 25th
Deadline for unsolicited drafts: March 22nd
(What this means: If you want to write about any of
the above topics or another topic related to MOVEMENT,
send a pitch regarding your idea as soon as possible.
Just send a brief note about what you’re thinking and
we’ll start a back-and-forth about how it might work
for this issue.)

Please note: Contributors need not be students nor
Angelenos nor members of any particular identity
group. Contributors do need to write from a feminist
perspective that takes as a given the
interconnectedness of multiple systems of oppression
and that consciously avoids reinforcing whiteness,
heterosexuality and the like as invisible/normative.
Contributors who are enthusiastic and good with
deadlines are greatly appreciated.

Please send all submissions to Irina Contreras, Editor
in Chief, at

feminism: fem’e-niz’em -n. [The]
movement to end sexism, sexist
exploitation and [all] oppression.


Make/Shift Magazine no.2 February 28, 2007

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Make/Shift Magazine no.2
Jessica Hoffmann, US

Deadline: March 23

Make/shift, a new feminist magazine launching this spring, is seeking
submissions for its second issue (fall/winter 2007). The first issue
features fiction by T Cooper; an interview with Loretta J. Ross; a love
letter to Ugly Betty; dispatches from Beirut; a photo essay of immigrant
hotel workers struggling for a living wage in Los Angeles; columns by Randa
Jarrar, Erin Aubry Kaplan, Nomy Lamm, and Mattilda aka Matt Bernstein
Sycamore; and much more.

For Issue 2, we are seeking

–investigative journalism
–critical essays
–personal essays
–profiles of feminists activists, artists, projects, and thinkers
–fiction and poetry
–art and photography
–book, maga/zine, film, art, and event reviews
–hybrid pieces

We are also seeking content for the following regular make/shift features:

–Everyday Actions: scenes of feminist action in everyday life (200 to 400
–Documents: documents of feminist discourse in progress (doodle-covered
meeting minutes, e-mail exchanges, notes on recent actions, and the like)
–Make/Plans: listings for our international calendar of upcoming events
(submit info for events occurring between September 2007 and March 2008)

Finally, we¹re searching for a crossword-puzzle artist in need of a venue.

Make/shift pays $.02/word plus two copies.

Send pitches or full-draft submissions to info [AT]
Deadline: March 23

The editing and publishing collective behind make/shift is Stephanie
Abraham, Jessica Hoffmann, and Daria Yudacufski.


New: Media Cake eMagazine February 27, 2007

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We’ve launched! Media Cake eMagazine at

Media Cake eMagazine is a media exchange: it is a
purposeful occupation of meanings, interpretations,
textual and visual gestures, interrogations, and
proposals. We view all media as both discourse and
artifact. As such, we are interested in the
possibility of media to simultaneously disrupt,
sustain, and (re)invent seemingly fixed narratives. We
consider media an opportunity to politicize / enter
into / scrutinize / destabilize / produce ideas. Media
is a conversation: dial in.
Do you scrutinize the advertising in magazines? Do you
consider music, fashion, books, public art, or
billboards an expression of ideas? Is your artistic
expression offering an unheard conversation or an
adventurous examination of a dialogue in progress?
We consider all media and welcome submissions of
journalism, essay, poetry, short fiction, literary
non-fiction, performance poetry, criticism, research /
academic papers, media review, interviews with media
makers, visual art, letters, and travel memoir.

Submission guidelines available at:

Denver Zine Fest 2007 January 17, 2007

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Hey friends –

Keep Saturday the 24th of March open on your calendar, because the Denver Zine Fest will be rocking your world for eight amazing hours + some. You will never be the same.

Don’t live in Denver? Here’s your excuse to come and visit.

For more information about the Denver Zine Fest, to vend, or to volunteer, please visit

Also check out the Denver Zine Fest myspace account at:

We’ll update you with specific times and locations of events as March approaches.

With love,
The Denver Zine Fest

PS – Speaking of your calendar, the Denver Zine Library has hot 2007 calendars full of amazing local zinesters which will are still available at


male-female NGO from Serbia, Belgrade December 11, 2006

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On the behalf of male-female NGO from Serbia, Belgrade, please find attached
documents related to HR day, December 10th, and distribute it through your

It is related to registration of male-female group in Serbia, Belgrade, as
their contribution to Council of Europe campaign against all forms of VAW,
especially DV. They chose HR day to publicly announce registration from
September 2006, and to call all interested stakeholders for future
cooperation in pursuing the same goals.

We would appreciate if you could add their e-mail address muski.centar@yahoo
com to your list.

Thanks in advance.

With kind regards,
Mirjana Tejic
MA candidate on gender and politics
Legal representative and Board President
Center for prevention of domestic violence
Belgrade, Serbia
Tell/fax + 381 11 3542 064
Cell + 381 63 7041 979
E-mail tejicm@eunet.yu